Alpine skiing is a demanding sport, and athletes will benefit by being in good physical condition to compete successfully and safely. Alpine skiing requires, in addition to a basic combination of endurance and strength, a high capacity of quickness and action/reaction endurance. Through proper training, athletes improve their physical, psychological, and mental efficiency.

Snowshoeing is quickly becoming a favorite for outdoor winter activity. Combining aerobic activity with ease of walking over the snow without sinking in, snowshoeing is an activity for all ages. Snowshoe races are part of the Arctic Winter Games and the Winter Special Olympics.

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Steve Swam
Steve SwamSnowshoe Coach
Tim Collard
Tim CollardSki Coach
Coaching Special Olympics is a privilege and I encourage others to be a part of SO and make someone’s life a little better. It is very rewarding to work with so many wonderful people, which has built into lasting friendships. When I was coaching soccer, our team was selected to go to Nationals in Princeton, New Jersey and we won the Gold Medal. What a great experience! My family and I appreciate the outdoors through gardening, skiing, hiking, and biking.

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    Golf Practice

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    Golf Practice

    The Links at Challedon 6166 Challedon Cir, Mt Airy


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